We appreciate your interest in our company. Data protection is a particularly important matter to the manage-ment of Airport Services Leipzig GmbH [Ltd.]. Using the websites of Airport Services Leipzig GmbH is generally possible without providing personal data. If a person wishes to use specific services of our company via the website, processing of personal data may be inevitable. Whenever the processing of personal data is necessary, but there is no legal base for such processing, we will generally seek the approval of the person(s) concerned.

The processing of personal data, e.g. name, address, email address or phone numbers of an affected person will always happen in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and consent with the national data laws valid for the Airport Services Leipzig GmbH. Through this Data Privacy Statement our company seeks to inform publicly about type, amount and purpose of the collected, used and processed personal data. Furthermo-re, this Data Privacy Statement provides information for affected persons regarding their rights.

Airport Services Leipzig GmbH, carrying the responsibility for the processing, has implemented various technical and organisational means, in order to provide the maximum protection of all personal data processed via this website. However, web-based data transmission may never be completely safe, so that total protection cannot be guaranteed. Thus, every person is welcome to provide personal data through other channels, e.g. via phone.

Name and Address of the Position Responsible for the Processing

Responsible, by means of the General Data Protection Regulation, other data privacy acts applicable in countries of the European Union and further regulations regarding data protection laws is:

Airport Services Leipzig GmbH
P.O.B. 1122
04029 Leipzig, Germany

Phone: +49 341 224 1601
E-Mail: databreach(at)airport-services.net
Internet: www.handling-lej.de

Group Data Protection Officer
Hans-Joachim Arnold
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
E-Mail: datenschutz(at)dlh.de

Compliance Ombudsperson
Dr. Rainer Buchert (External lawyer)
E-Mail: kanzlei(at)dr-buchert.de
Phone: +49 69 71 03 33 30
Phone: +800 57 57 68 68

With every affected person or automated system, the website of Airport Services Leipzig GmbH collects certain general data and information of the respective user. These general data and information are stored in the ser-ver’s log files. Among these data and information are (1) the used browser type and version, (2) the used opera-ting system, (3) the webpage from which the system was referred to our webpage (the so-called referrer), (4) the sub-webpages that are accessed from our webpage, (5), the date and time of accessing our webpage, (6) an internet protocol address (IP address), (7) the internet service provider of the accessing system and (8) further similar data and information needed for the defence against attacks on our information technological systems.

When using general data and information Airport Services Leipzig GmbH draws no conclusions about the person concerned. These are needed to (1) correctly provide all services of the webpage, (2) optimize the contents of our webpage and their advertising, (3) guarantee the long-term functioning of our information technological systems and the techniques of our webpage and (4) to provide law enforcement agencies with information rele-vant for criminal prosecution in case of cyber attacks. These anonymously collected data and information are analysed by Airport Services Leipzig GmbH for statistical purposes and the purpose to maximise data protection and data security in our company in order to reach an optimal protective level of the processed personal data. The anonymous data of the server log files are stored separately from all personal data entered by an affected person.

Contact Options via the Webpage

For legal reasons the website of Airport Services Leipzig GmbH contains information that enable an easy electronic approach to our company and immediate communication; this includes a general address for electronic mail services (email address). Whenever an affected person first contacts the position responsible for the processing of the data via email or any other electronic contact form, the personal data transmitted by the affected person are automatically stored. This storing of these data, transmitted voluntarily by the person concerned, happens with the purpose to be processed or to contact the affected person. These personal data are not forwarded to any third parties.

Regular Deleting and Blocking of Personal Data

The responsible position processes and stores personal data of the person concerned only for the time period that is required to fulfil the purpose of storage, or the period that has been defined as such by the regulator in the European guidelines and regulations or by the legislator in laws or provisions applicable to the responsible position.

Whenever there is no purpose of storage or the aforementioned period expires, the affected personal data are deleted or blocked routinely and in accordance with the legal regulations.

Furthermore, the person concerned is endowed with the right to be informed if personal data are transmitted into a third country or to any international organisation. If this is the case, the person concerned has the additional right to be informed about appropriate guarantees in the context of the transmission.

What are your data protection rights

We are committed to ensuring fair and transparent processing. That is why it is important to us that data subjects can not only exercise their right to object but also the following rights where the respective legal requirements are satisfied:

Right of access, Art. 15 GDPR
Right to rectification, Art. 16 GDPR
Right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”), Art. 17 GDPR
Right to restriction of processing, Art. 18 GDPR
Right to data portability, Art. 20 GDPR
Right to object, Art. 21 GDPR

To exercise your right, pleasesend an email.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

The relevant supervisory authority for Airport Services Leipzig GmbH is:

Sächsischer Datenschutzbeauftragter
Devrientstraße 1
01067 Dresden, Germany

Phone: +49 351 85471 101
Telefax: +49 351 85471 109
Internet: www.datenschutz.sachsen.de
E-Mail: saechsdsb@slt.sachsen.de