Passenger Service

In the best of hands

Our employees enjoy representing your company. From check-in to boarding including taking special care of unaccompanied children and/or passengers with restricted mobility (PRM): With us your customers are always in the best of hands … including a friendly smile!

We utilize modern systems like Altea, DAMAREL, GoNow and for flight handling. We will gladly add another system for you if required.


Exceptional requirements – exceptional service

Lost & Found

I’m packing my bag …

… but what happens if it gets lost during a journey? This poses no problem to us. Our employees have got access to WorldTracer, the leading search tool worldwide, and thus are able to clarify possible irregularities quickly. We are glad to be the competent contact person of your customers… and your expert for smoothing ruffled feathers should the need arise.

In the event of a luggage problem we will solve it for you in a quick and discreet manner. Swift clarification and appropriate customer care is yet another opportunity for us to ensure a positive reputation for your airline.


Behind the scenes

When an aircraft has landed there is plenty to do: Important processes have to be coordinated and they usually have to be carried out quickly. Our operations takes care of all of this in order to ensure that everything “behind the scenes” happens smoothly. Since 1990 ASL handles passenger and cargo aircraft of all types and sizes. Our OPS team is there for you and your crews – competent, experienced, around the clock and under all weather conditions!

Our employees are excellently trained and meet all requirements of IATA dangerous goods regulations (Category 10), live animal regulations (LAR) as well as all guidelines of JAR-OPS (EASA).

General Aviation / Handling Support

That special something …

Expecting quality is no question of aircraft size. This is why we are happy to be able to consider a variety of renowned operators of private and company charter flights as well as VIP service providers our customers. Discretion and professionalism are values you can count on when dealing with us.

We are always well aware of that special something an exclusive clientele requires.

Handling Support

Ready for your commitments

As we all know, exceptional events require exceptional actions.

ASL is ready for it and can quickly support you and your airline if needed. In case of a sudden shortage or changing constellations we will provide you with professional staff which words and deeds! The same is true for establishing new stations and short term training demands. Our teams are ready for you if flexibility and best quality as well as service are called for.

We offer our services in an additional area of expertise:
the testing of new computer applications such as check in software – from the lab to the final implementation we place our services at your disposal!

Everything to your satisfaction!

ASL ensures that your airline is represented optimally and that your passenger can enjoy all around comfort.

For us great service already starts in the mind because only an authentic attitude towards service provides the necessary sensitivity to completely perceive the expectations and requests of the customer.

We are the first choice for your service in Leipzig because of longtime experience and continuous optimizations. Flexibility and a high degree of attention guarantee the best possible service for you and your passengers.

Look forward to satisfaction and ease – made by Airport Services Leipzig GmbH!